IPv6: How To Get Started You can’t just ‘turn on’ IPv6. Successful IPv6 deployment requires taking time to learn about the Internet protocol, work with it in a lab, and thorough testing. IPv6 has been implemented on the Internet since 1999, but it’s still called the new Internet protocol because […]

IPv6: How To Get Started

Hyperconvergence: Helping IT Move The Needle Hyperconverged infrastructure provides enterprises with flexibility and ease of use that can allow them to break from old IT practices. Enterprise IT is often a victim of unnecessary complexity and purpose-built infrastructure. Hyperconverged infrastructure can remedy that by offering simplicity, quick installation and high […]

Hyperconvergence: Helping IT Move The Needle

NEWS ANALYSIS: Cerf said Web administrators need to quickly implement IP Version 6 and all Web users should broadly implement encryption to bolster data privacy. WASHINGTON—If there was a common thread to Vint Cerf’s wide-ranging remarks at the National Press Club on May 4, it was that pretty much everyone […]

Internet Pioneer Vint Cerf Calls for Rapid Web Security Enhancements

Will 802.11ac Kill Wired Ethernet? The evidence is all around us that wireless networks are rapidly replacing wired as the connectivity option of choice, and not just for mobile phones and tablets. The new 802.11ac standard provides bandwidth equal to or surpassing that which is available to most wired users, […]

Will 802.11ac Kill Wired Ethernet?